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Zeek 186

richard_burkhart on 20. Dec, 2019 — Lang: English

Zeek 186
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    This may be my last strip for SG. My break starts today and I probably won't be able to post til January. If this is it. I have enjoyed the ride and wish I could have got involved sooner. Love and Merry Christmas to you all.

    This strip is a reply to Zeek 185



    Thank you for that last minute save my friend

    Indeed! I was marvelous, was I not?

    Yes, but why are you carying that grizzly trophy around?

    It is to remind me that my friend is a prophet!

    You always said I'd put an eye out with this thing!

    Thanks for helping us defeat the Dark Lord's army.

    You also fought well whelps. Now we take the fight to him!

    That's the spirit brotha. I only have one question.

    Does anyone know why there is a green chicken in this Palantir thingy?

    In the aftermath of the battle, two friends get together.

    Meanwhile, in the alternate reallity of the ring, another battle plays out!

    I won't let you hurt Zeek!

    You are a fool, Eugene! No one can stop my power!

    Now, pay the price of your foolishness!


    But, just as the Dark Lord strikes...

    A strange change comes over his foe!



    And, in town...

    mark_burkhart, LOTR, Star Wars, NeoChomik, Zeek, Star Trek
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