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Shake It Up With Seasons

Pen_alias on 10. Dec, 2019 — Lang: English

Shake It Up With Seasons
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    Why, of all the times in the calendar year, did they decide to put the Christmas season in December?

    Maybe they should have put it in January?

    January? Are you nuts? That’s worse than December!


    Still Winter!


    Still too cold!

    April, May, June?

    Tornado season!

    July, August?

    Too hot!

    September, October?

    Hurricane season!

    We’re nowhere near an ocean.

    It would still depress me!


    It’s getting cold again - besides, you’d cut into Thanksgiving.

    That just leaves December.

    What we need is a new month.


    a Rank Old Bass production

    nothing of importance, chicken
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  • Quag54 11.12.2019
    I wouldn't mind if the summer season was longer.
  • richard_burkhart 11.12.2019
    Love the killdeer chasing Rudolph off the header.
  • NeoChomik 10.12.2019
    it would be a tight fit
  • MadameCercle 10.12.2019
    Un nouveau mois ? Oui oui ... faudra le placer quelque part.
  • richard_burkhart 10.12.2019
    I've been saying that for years! And, while were at it, an extra day in the weekend and 2 more hours in each day.
  • stihl 10.12.2019
    if there was a 13th monts then i would be 1.8 years younger

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