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SG Game Unlimited: Summary

NeoChomik on 7. Dec, 2019 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: Summary
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    And with that, the SG Game Unlimited ends. I will do a one strip as an ending to my side of the story, feel free to submit your own.



    Erasing the Amulet changed lives of so many. For better or worse

    Residents of the Generatrix returned to their reality unscathed, as without the amulet, they were never brought in to this in the first place.

    Without Amulet, Neo never raised a war against the world of SG

    That meant there he never became The Leader...

    But without The Leader, Rudevald never went back in time to become X. time will tell if he resurface in the future as someone else...

    Julian's soul was never destroyed in his sacrifice

    But without events that brought him to that moment, he remained the same Julain he was before all of it happened.

    With Clone Zero becoming the new Enforcer, his existance as a Hunter agent have been erased as well. His "angels" filled in the void, becoming the top agents on the field, under the direct command of Georgette

    But there were some unforseen side effects. Pieces of reality that could not be re-written or arranged again, has turned into pocket dimension, locked in a form of strange crystals, later labelled "Reality shards". No one knows why they appeared or what to do with them...

    But even though the damage done by Void Emperor and his machination was erased, the core was still dying.

    No amount of fixing reality could stop the slow decay The Core of Existance was going through for millenia.

    And when it dies... it won't die in a bang.

    but will fade like a dream.

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