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Zeek 184

richard_burkhart on 3. Dec, 2019 — Lang: English

Zeek 184
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    Raise your hand if you see what's coming.

    This strip is a reply to Zeek 183



    Angus and the chicken army have the orcs on the run,

    While the llama riding ninjas go after the trolls and the catapults.


    Unfortunately, no good deed seems to go unpunished!

    Firelord has arrived and intends to put a stop to this rescue.

    Abba struggles to get out from under the dead weight of his llama as Firelord aproaches!

    Prepare to meet your doom cat-man.

    The name's Abba. Why does not anyone recognize a hero?


    Just a minute there, laddie. Ye'll have tae go through me n the ACE 2000 tae get t' him!

    And accross the field, Abba's friend Farri sees his plight and moves to aid him.

    Suddenly angus shows up!

    I hope this works as marvelously as I think it will.

    mark_burkhart, LOTR, Firelord, Zeek
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