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English homework

anonymous on 1. Dec, 2019 — Lang: English

English homework
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    After i finish my cegep and got my diploma.Im going to take 1 week or 2 to create the best CV i can make and applie to Beenox and Ubisoft.

    If i get hired by Ubisoft or Beenox.Im going to work in animation.

    Im hoping that i had a long career in video games.

    Me,when im doing my homework and i have 8 big homeworks that i need to finish in 2 weeks.

    Me,when the homework just climb up to 12 homeworks and i really want to die or just have actually 1 night with more than 5 hours of sleep

    i just complete the comic homework.He is 2 AM and i still need to complete 11 homework.I need to go work in 4 hours.

    When i was in primary school i got bullied because i was fat and because of that i got trouble to get friend and difficulty to trust everyone except the person in charge like a teacher or a coach.

    In 5 grade in primary i go in football program because i was sure that i can get respect because i was in a team.But finally i didn't changed anything.

    In secondary school i finally made 1 good friend who is still my friend after all this years.And because of video games i finally discoved people who was like me.

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