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Zeek 183

richard_burkhart on 26. Nov, 2019 — Lang: English

Zeek 183
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    Got another one out. This battle is nearing the end.

    This strip is a reply to Zeek 182



    Our friends are defending the city, but Firelord has entered the battle against their newfound allies.

    Give up and live Neo. You can't win. Not here.

    I don't know about that Firelord. I seem to be holding my own!

    Once again Neo blocks Firelord's attack.

    Alright fool! Find out what happens in this story when you oppose the Firelord of the Nazgul!

    I've read the story. This battle ends badly for you.

    And so the fight reaches a quick climax.

    Two avatars from different realities battling to the death.

    But there can only be one winner.

    You were a fool Neo. In this story I cannot be slain by the hand of man.

    Prepare to pay for your mistake!

    But, as Firelord raises his blade he hears horns on the plain before the city.

    Taroo, Tarooo!

    What? That isn't our army! I'll be back for you Neo.

    And Firelord remounts his giant wasp.

    Meanwhile, out on the plain..

    I see you have an army of, well er, they are chickens right, Angus?

    It's a long story lads. Don't underestimate the lassies.And you have what? An army of llama riding ninjas?

    Yes, my friend. Marvelous are they not?

    Two armies meet to save the city.

    NeoChomik, LOTR, Star Trek, Zeek
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