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History of Hill House - Isabel

anonymous on 8. Nov, 2019 — Lang: English

History of Hill House - Isabel
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    Welcome to the new home of our family!

    After his first wife died Hugh Crain married twice, but they also were found dead. He died in Europe, sending his children postcards.

    The younger sister married and the older sister lived in Hill House with a companion.

    After the death of the older sister her companion inherited Hill House. What upset the younger sister, who wanted it back.

    The younger sister destroied the life of the companion, who sweared, that someone was stealing at night at Hill House.

    Because of all the hate the companion hung herself from the tower of Hill House.

    When they tried to live there, they got the feeling, that Hill House was haunted.


    The family of the companion inherited Hill House and ended the feud with the younger sister by calling the police.

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