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anonymous on 8. Nov, 2019 — Lang: English

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    This was for a English 2 honors project. Do what you will with it



    In Completion of the curse of Oedipus, the two twin brothers Polynieces and Eteotcles waged warm against eachother for who claims the Thebean throne. Both end up dying in the insueing battles.

    Their uncle, Creon, rises to power and decrees that Polynieces shall not be buried, as he is a "traitor".

    "...he is to lie on the plain, unburied: and the birds and the scavenging dogs may do with him what they like."

    Antigone, ignoring the decree and advice of her sister, decides to bury her fallen brother, Polynieces, no matter what consequences fall upon her.

    ...But if I had left my brother unburied, I should have suffered. Now, I do not.

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    Creon gives Antigone the death pentaly, but his son and the lover of Antigone, Haemon, attempts to convince him to not kill her.

    It is no city if it takes orders from one voice. (1091-106)

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    Antigone goes to the cave she shall be locked in to die, and monolouges her laments.

    O tomb, vaulted bride-bed in eternal rock,
    Soon I shall be with my own again

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    Creon recieves a prophecy of his downfall and he attempts to free Antigone, but he finds her hung, and his son kills himself.This grief causes his wife to also kill herself.

    Surely a god
    Has crushed me beneath the hugest weight of heaven... (1105-94)

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