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anonymous on 8. Nov, 2019 — Lang: English

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    Hugh Crain build the Hill House for his family eighty years ago.

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    His wife never saw the house, because she died on the way to Hill House.

    My father is a sad and bitter man.

    Mr. Crain wasn't lucky with his wife: The second died of a fall. With the third he travelled through Europe, leaving his kids all by their on, but his this wife died too. After that he decided to close the house and gave his children to a cousin of their mother.

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    I'm back. New life, new me!

    Many years later the older sister decided to come back to Hill House after her younger sister married her boyfriend. She invited a girl from the village to live with her.

    It's not just yours, it is also my home!

    You took enough of me!

    The older sister died in Hill House and the fight over the House between the companion and the younger sister began...

    The younger stole things out of house and the girl from the village hanged herself.

    A family named Sanderson has moved into the house for some years but then closed it, telling the villagers they had to do buisness in the city but everybody knew better... The younger sister never came back after the death of the young girl.

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