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Hill House Jenny

anonymous on 8. Nov, 2019 — Lang: English

Hill House Jenny
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    This is our new house - we will live here in comfortable luxury!!

    Eighty-odd yeard ago
    Hugh Crain built Hill House for his family

    My love, you couldn't see our new house

    Hugh Crain married again

    His second wife dies of a fall but no one knows how or why.

    Hugh Crain died shortly after his wife in Europe. The two girls are send to live with a cousin of their stepmother.
    Hill House was empty for a number of years.. .

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    Third Mrs Crain died somewhere in Europe

    The younger sister stole the older sisters man.

    I hate you..

    The older sister lives in Hill House with a servant. She really loves the house and seclusion.
    The two sisters were constantly arguing. Later the older sister died of pneumonia,

    The house was left to me! You have stolen dishes from the house - I caught you!!!

    No this is my house - it belongs to me.

    The house belongs legally to the servant.

    The younger sister attacted the servant constanly. She coudn't spent any peaceful night in the house and killed herself.

    Hill House passed into the hands of the Sanderson family. They cleared out abruptly after a few days.
    Hill House is empty since then

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