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Zeek 177

richard_burkhart on 1. Nov, 2019 — Lang: English

Zeek 177
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    I may not ever finish this story, but I'll have fun trying.

    This strip is a reply to Zeek 176



    So you think this king may cause us problems?

    Well, technically, he isn't the king. He's the steward, but yes, according to the story this will be difficult.

    Remember, we need his help. Try not to antagonize him.

    There he is now

    And the duo is escorted into the presence of the steward of SG city.

    So...Where is Gandalf?

    And, what has happened to my son, Boromir?

    Gandalf went to face the Dark Lord, and Boromir seeks to aid the halfling, my lord.

    You hear that Rude? My "son" lives. I told you this story was different.

    Yes brotha, and I told you just give me a drink and point me at the enemy.

    Let me save you some trouble whelps. I read the story. I know what happens next and I'm not about to suicide by fire.

    This Dark Lord is messing with the wrong Poles.

    Is that a Klingon? Shouldn't there be a Dwarf?

    It's a long story.

    What's a Dwarf?

    Every once in a while the universe gives you a break.

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