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SG Game Unlimited: It won't be long, i swear!

NeoChomik on 31. Oct, 2019 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: It won't be long, i swear!
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    I was trying to make this strip many times, but something about my internet connection is wonky and SG Does not work as intended. I mean the engine works fine, but i can't see strips, or images on the site. like they fail to load. Probably ISP thing, but I don't know how to fix it.

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited alternate segment, SG Game Unlimited: Unforseen Consequences



    I suggest you go back to your own dimension now, there's nothing to be done here...

    NO! I have to make sure everyone else got safely back to theirs...




    A Young hero's heart was burning with determination to the very end....

    But even though his flames were burning bright...

    They couldn't burn forever... and once the last ember sizzled out.

    All that remained was a scorched wasteland of a husk...

    Looks like this power, he got, cost him his own soul.

    To sacrifice this much in order to do good... I wished i've met him earlier....

    Don't worry, Julian... Your sacrifice will not be in vain.

    We fired the Destiny bullet.

    And once fired. It WILL find it's mark...

    No matter what...


    NeoChomik, Julian, Zeek, SG Games, SGG, SG Games Unlimited, SGGU
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  • Pen_alias 31.10.2019
    I looked up ba-thump, ba-thump on WebMD and it said to seek a physician immediately.
  • richard_burkhart 31.10.2019
    I see you ran with my alternative version for this. Thanks btw.
  • richard_burkhart 31.10.2019
    Looks great to me. Sorry you are having so much trouble. DUDE! You did it again! Even though I had already figured out who/what you were firing that bullet at you put a twist in it.

    edited by owner

  • stihl 31.10.2019
    His power cost him his life?
    Thats like wolverine

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