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The Story of an Hour Comic.

anonymous on 25. Oct, 2019 — Lang: English

The Story of an Hour Comic.
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    The Story of an Hour Comic.



    Present Day 2019...

    *Louise's phone is ringing with a phone call from her sister, Josephine.*

    Hey, Louise! How are you feeling today?

    I'm okay! I woke up without any pain, thankfully. I'm just waiting to hear from Brently.

    About that.. I heard that Brently may have died. His car was found on I-95.

    Robert, Josephine, how do you guys know this, said Louise through sobs.

    Oh.. I was actually coming to tell you that too.

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    Louise ends the phone call, and Josephine rushes to be near her sister during this tough time.

    Louise, honey! I'm so sorry.

    I cannot believe this!

    Josephine! I am finally free!

    Louise, are you alright? You look ill, and arent sounding like yourself?

    Josephine, I am finally free to be me! I have never felt better.

    Louise ends up collapsing....

    Louise! No! Are you hurt? Are you okay?

    Louise's husband, Brently walks in. He is alive and well.

    Josephine and Brently rush Louise to the hospital. The doctor's declare her dead and say she died of too much joy. Her heart could not handle it.

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