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Moonlight Bemoans You

Pen_alias on 23. Oct, 2019 — Lang: English

Moonlight Bemoans You
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    Moonlight is basically sunlight being reflected from the moon, so why doesn’t moonlight kill vampires?

    Indirect exposure my dear chicken. It is the difference between standing next to a warm fire and jumping into it. Of course, that’s not to say that being out in the sunlight is the same as diving into the sun, but one cannot deny that the radiation coming directly from the sun is far more intense than that which is merely reflected off of large celestial objects such a the moon, Mars or Uranus.

    Now Uranus may not seem very large in the night sky but believe me, Uranus is much bigger than the moon. Uranus is large and gassy. Uranus contains large amounts of methane. Uranus is a gas giant. Do you know what the similarity is between a roll of toilet paper and the Starship Enterprise?

    I don’t care!

    Then what did you bring up Uranus for? Shesh!

    chicken, nothing of importance
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