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Task 1

anonymous on 21. Oct, 2019 — Lang: English

Task 1
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    When I was teeneger, a friend of mine and I, made a regressive therapy, this didn´t got well.

    First......... A afternoon

    I was talking with Mauricio He was talking about a cassette that his father bought of regressive therapy

    I Thougth ......

    We can invite to ours friends to my house and put the cassette and make the regression together.

    Mauricio agreed and .... Said me

    Guys, tomorrow in my house we are going to do a regression. Do you want to go?

    Next Day......

    All we were ready, listened the cassette when ........

    Mauricio started to colvuse and spit, He was possessed by a spirit

    We were so scared and we were screaming

    My neightbors were in front of my house worried about the situation

    We called some Christian friends to help us with Mauricio, they went and they prayed for him

    Ok, but first make us the regression together

    This afterrnoon we made it...

    Mauricio managed to got out of the trance and everybody went to their houses, next day We talked about what happened at school.

    Since that moment My neighbors said that in My houses we made Satanic Masses

    Mauricio and I weren´t friends anymore...

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