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Mummy Trouble

Pen_alias on 13. Oct, 2019 — Lang: English

Mummy Trouble
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    Actually, Larry’s ramblings were a godsend; old Vlad didn’t have a punch line at all. What about you, the people at home; do you know what they call a mummy with no bandages?



    Hey Larry, what do you call a mummy with no bandages?

    Actually, the word mummy refers to a preserved corpse; it has little to do with the strips of linen, or bandages as you put it, wrapped around the body.

    The word bandage is typically used as a medical term so it’s debatable whether cloth used to wrap a dead body, thus baring no medical application, can rightfully be called a bandage.

    However, perhaps I’m overanalyzing; I guess I can concede that mummies, in some cases, were indeed wrapped in bandages.

    Is that your final answer? Shesh Larry, you must be a riot at parties.

    Thank you Vlad, I do pride myself on my stimulating conversation.

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  • MadameCercle 20.10.2019
    C'est bon - - un puits de savoir !
  • NeoChomik 16.10.2019
    the trivia he knows might be actuall party bangers
  • EdWilder 15.10.2019
    'Pride' actually refers to the lion family...
  • cirkuz 15.10.2019
    well a mummy with no bandages would be called naked...
  • richard_burkhart 13.10.2019
    I have noticed that werewolves tend to overanalyz issues. That's why you don't see many.

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