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Comic costume party

anonymous on 10. Oct, 2019 — Lang: English

Comic costume party
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    Project made to the imagination.



    I disguised myself as a copy of It...

    Hello, I am a copy of ghostface. What is your costume?

    I'm wearing a hat, a mask and a black coat, and what are you wearing?

    I am wearing a black and white striped shirt, a wig and a red nose.

    TOK, TOOK...


    He opens the door

    Costume party

    Your Sofia costume is great :D

    It is true.

    Thanks friends.
    I am a witch.

    double click to write...

    We thought you weren't going to get here, Sofia. But we're glad you came.

    We have a gift for you...

    They give him the gift.

    She opens the gift...

    He gets excited and thanks his friends.

    It is a cellphone.

    Two weeks ago they stole mine...

    homework, project, English, México
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