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anonymous on 10. Oct, 2019 — Lang: English

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    Hello, what a pleasure to greet you, Mexico is a very beautiful country, I hope you do well on your trip.

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    Hi friend, how have you been?, I tell you that I will travel to Mexico to visit my fighting friend.

    I have to arrive at 11 o'clock to take my flight to Mexico, I'm ready.

    Welcome to the Mexico.

    My flight lasted about 4 hours, now I will have to look my fiend.
    He said he would wear a black hat.

    I´m here

    I´m happy to see you after so many years.

    Your dog looks so funny playing with his bone

    What do you do during the day?


    I live in an apartmet tower and my house is on the fourth floor to be exact in apartment number 512.

    Your house is really pretty

    Normally I go out every morning to train and walk my dog Toby a little,for now we are going to eat this delicius pozole dish typical of Mexico.

    Let´s eat

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