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Toy Maker - Swan Song

DepresiveNeko on 9. Oct, 2019 — Lang: Slovenčina

Toy Maker - Swan Song
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    porcelain doll hate her voice too



    Yawwn.. so how Game of the Core ended?



    Nah... thats series still on air, deer.

    Oh nooo... so we still must wait for another priemere? Still unaware, where is that last final episode of this epic jorney?

    No, the big finale is near, i fell it in my bones, that i dont have....

    Oh.. nooo... dont sing, dont siiiiing!

    Aaaannndddd..... noooow....

    Stop thiiiis madneeeeesss!

    *soumd of breaking glass*

    *soumd of breaking glass*

    *soumd of breaking glass*

    *soumd of breaking glass*

    Stop, or there will not be a glass for drinking! YOU VOICE IS TOO STRONG FOR THIS ENVIROMENT!

    toy maker
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