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Home Is Where The Wolf Is

Pen_alias on 8. Oct, 2019 — Lang: English

Home Is Where The Wolf Is
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    I was going to spell where were in the title but I was afraid it would be pronounced were instead of where. You see, were is never really pronounced where unless it’s in front of the name of an animal, so standing alone, it’s only natural to pronounce it were. On the other hand, a good deal of the English speaking population of the world can’t differentiate where from were anyway, so it may not of mattered.

    In other news: is anyone else unable to load their “what’s happening” page on Stripgenerator? Mine is just a blank page or an error message depending on what device I‘m using. This site is starting to resemble the Roman Coliseums more and more every day.



    I’m starting to wonder if those chickens are afraid of me at all.

    Do you mind?!

    Not at all, go right ahead.

    chicken, nothing of importance
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  • NeoChomik 16.10.2019
    cover yourself in feathers.
    that will give 'em a scare
  • Pen_alias 10.10.2019
    Then you missed out on all the fun.
  • Quag54 9.10.2019
    My home page opens to What's Happening.
  • cirkuz 9.10.2019
    for the love of the gods just don't try to club at shoot the bird off your head...
    it never seems to work out well...
  • Pen_alias 9.10.2019
    Mine too. Happy days are here again.
  • EdWilder 9.10.2019
    For what it's worth, mine is working again!?!
  • Pen_alias 8.10.2019
    Everything works but what's happening. WHAT'S HAPPENING?!
  • EdWilder 8.10.2019
    Can you view your artist's page? If not try this clicking this:
    "Happening" still seems to be non-functioning, though...
  • richard_burkhart 8.10.2019
    Which means I can't save any more of my strips. =(
  • richard_burkhart 8.10.2019
    Yep I get the error message too.

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