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SG Game Unlimited: Unforseen Consequences

NeoChomik on 3. Oct, 2019 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: Unforseen Consequences
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    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: Deus Ex Machina



    You say the damage can be undone, what do you mean?

    The Enforcers posses power to erase existance entirely, re-writing events entirely.

    All we have to do is to erase...

    Hold up! I want a souvenir for later

    What is this! another pathetic trick of yours?

    If i could do that, i would use it on you long time ago... my guess is...


    Ok. Keep going with your plan...

    Damn it Jesto! you f'ed up enough already!

    What i was saying... was the fact that by erasing one element of the equation, we can re-write the reality so that events that lead to this situation never happened.

    I'm sure you can see that the consequences are ... big. We can't predict HOW the reality will be re-written. This version of you might never exist.

    I guess what I'm trying to say...

    ... Is that I'm sorry. I'm sure as a hero you know this is a sacrifice that must be made...

    And so, the bullet that was about to change the destiny itself was fired, but at whom? or what?

    NeoChomik, X, Julian, SG Game, SGG, SG Game Unlimited, SGGU
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  • DepresiveNeko 9.10.2019
    if you mean original Neo as Prime Neo, then is death
  • julian724 4.10.2019
    I..I assumed that gunshot was aimed at Julian given the way the enforcer was speaking, but that last text blurb confuses me. My second guess would be that it's aimed at Neo, but that's only cause of the crazy implications it would have (considering Zero wouldn't exist without Neo existing). He CANT shoot the void emperor at this point, since he's been reduced to ash. Hmmm...

    wait...where IS the Prime universe version of Neo right now?

    edited by owner

  • richard_burkhart 3.10.2019
    You got it. Love that Jesto is involved again btw.

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