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SG Game Unlimited alternate segment

richard_burkhart on 17. Sep, 2019 — Lang: English

SG Game Unlimited alternate segment
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    Consider this just something that happens in an ALTERNATE, alternate dimension. I had it started and didn't want to chuck it. Besides I have enjoyed collaborating on SG games and just wanted to get one more strip in.

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: Deus Ex Machina



    You heros are useless! It turns out I don't even need to get pass your defenses.

    I don't need to do anyth... OOOWWW! What the? Who threw that monkey?

    That would be me Jake. One of the portals leads to the Circuz dimention. I'm pulling screaming monkeys from there.

    Really Zeek? That is so imature even for y...OWW! KNock it off!

    That's it! The universe is about to end, but I'll teach you first I AM A GOD

    Wait! Where is the artifact?

    It's over here Jake. We tricked the trickster!

    Now, you may be a god, but I AM IRON RANDAL!

    Puny god!

    Unhand m..



    That takes care of the bad guys Zeek, what do we do about the core?

    I don't know, Eugene. The core is beyond me, maybe randal can use the artifact to fix it.

    Just then, the artifact becomes inert and powerless.





    NeoChomik, SG Games
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