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Your Mean

Pen_alias on 17. Sep, 2019 — Lang: English

Your Mean
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    Ultimately, the word mean is meaningless.



    I’ve discovered the secret to eternal youth.

    What is it?

    Just change the definition of youth to mean existing or having at one time existed.

    That’s too convoluted. Wouldn’t it be simpler to change the definition of eternal to mean temporary?

    You’re right. I think you’ve really nailed down the solution. In fact, I’d say you’ve literally hit the nail on the head.

    Literally meaning figuratively, of course.

    Right, of course…when did it ever mean something else?

    chicken, nothing of importance
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  • cirkuz 18.9.2019
    I know what u mean...
  • richard_burkhart 18.9.2019
    Whew! That literally couldn't come soon enough. By which I mean it never should have happened of course.
  • craigdragon 17.9.2019
    Well, if it's only temporary
  • NeoChomik 17.9.2019
    I'm going to kfc because of that one.

    I don't like the food, but they forced my hand
  • stihl 17.9.2019

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