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SG Game Unlimited: Deus Ex Machina

NeoChomik on 16. Sep, 2019 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: Deus Ex Machina
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    Who the f is that hobo?! Also this is the strip that got me back to God status, Ain't that ironic?

    This strip is a reply to SG Game 2k19: Sorry to interrupt your ending



    HAHAHA! Don't worry, I can save you all with my unlimited power!

    But in return, you will all worship me as your one true god!

    Wait, what? what happened? The amulet should still be charged with all the fighting that happened

    it looks like that Amulet's power was connected to The Core and since it's about to explode, my guess is that the amulet just lost it's properties for good

    What DID you expect to happen when you joined up with a guy, who wants to destroy the source of all creation?

    That Luci-boi guy is right. If the Core is the source of everything I must do anything i can to stop it from exploding! But how...?

    You leave it to professionals, kid.

    Look, You did a great job killing Void Emperor. All of you held your ground like champs...

    But this situation is beyond you. Beyond ANY of you.

    Sorry to steal your thunder at the end. It was a long battle, but it is not yours to finish

    Who are you?! Can you fix The Core?

    I went by many names in the Past. You can call me Jesto, Zero, Alfa, Omega, God, Andraz, whatever suits your mood.

    As for the core... It's impossible to fix it now. Even the power of Enforcers is not enough

    The damage, however. Can be undone...

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  • MrTerrorKiller 19.10.2019
  • richard_burkhart 18.9.2019
    Oh yeah, conga on lvl! I'm never going to make it myself. But it looks good on ya.
  • craigdragon 17.9.2019
    Congratz on becoming a diety!
  • craigdragon 17.9.2019
  • julian724 17.9.2019
    Actually wait how DID you jump from shizzle to God? I do wonder how he's gonna fix it. That gun earases someone but who will he choose?
  • richard_burkhart 17.9.2019
    Love Zero's new look btw
  • stihl 17.9.2019
    You can call me andraz...
  • richard_burkhart 17.9.2019
    Ahh I was trying to get one more in before this...I might finish it as an alternate pre ending. Oh well. Nice strip young diety.
  • dibunt 17.9.2019
    Wow man, you are a Double God. I don't know if I should be scared or impressed, probably both. Congrats!

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