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Hip fracture pain management

anonymous on 11. Sep, 2019 — Lang: English

Hip fracture pain management
  • Description

    The management of pain in hip fractures using nerve blocks



    I am going for a walk in the sun

    OUCH! MY HIP!!

    double click to write...

    Here have some morphine

    This isn't working my pain is 10/10

    How is your pain out of 10?

    The patient needs a fascia illiaca block

    What does it do?

    Local anaesthetic is injected into the fascia iliaca compartment which will reduce pain by effecting the femoral and lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh

    Sounds very benefitial

    Your pain should start to improve

    After reading current evidence we need to start administering nerve blocks routinely for hip fracture patients

    I need to see the evidence

    How are you feeling now? What is your pain out of 10?

    I feel so much better my pain is 2/10 and now just wanting my surgery.

    Do you need more morphine?

    No thank you. I feel the morphine just made me feel nauseated and confused

    You were right! The patient has less pain and less need for opiods.

    It also improves patient outcomes and complications which reduces length of stay.

    Good luck!

    Thank you

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