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Word Problem Problems

Pen_alias on 3. Aug, 2019 — Lang: English

Word Problem Problems
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    I thought I’d be able to get this into three panels, but paranoid ranting takes up a lot of space.



    You have ten eggs and a friend gives you two. How many eggs do you have now?

    I have sixty eggs.

    No you don’t.

    Sure I do; I’ve been hoarding them. And you’re wrong about the friend too; they’re all mine.

    You don’t understand. It doesn’t matter how many eggs you actually have; you’re supposed to work with the figures I give you.

    Oh, I see, so I’m supposed to take everything you say at face value regardless of the facts.

    Well…when you put it that way…

    What government conspiracy are you a part of? Who sent you?

    I’m not…

    Sure you’re not - and I have twelve eggs.

    You’re the man aren’t you? Admit you’re the man!

    You don’t look like a man. Is it some sort of hormone experiment? Is that what you’re covering up?!

    nothing of importance, chicken
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