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michaela's big day

anonymous on 31. Jul, 2019 — Lang: English

michaela's big day
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    for #WWW gc ONLY



    there once was a queen named michaela. she was a wonderful and loved ruler. not only people, but animals, too, loved her to pieces.

    and the anniversary of her birth was fast approaching!

    her friends organized a small surprise party, but the queen never showed. where was she? what could she be up to?

    the gang decided to go look for her...


    ...venturing through the castle, they heard a weird scream coming from the queen's chamber. worried, they opened the door.

    they did find their queen. but they found her knuckle-deep inside namjoon, chanyeol's mouth serving as his cocksleeve, and watching them, with his hand skillfully stroking his throbbing member, was none other than jackson wang.

    the three friends were ...shocked. at least one of them was. sarah was frozen to the spot by the door. hannah and stella, on the other hand, as if in a trance, moved closer to michaela and her guests.

    the events that happened next are akin to what legends and age-old stories are made of. [to be continued...]


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