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Somewhere Out There

Pen_alias on 15. Jul, 2019 — Lang: English

Somewhere Out There
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    I have a theory that everyone has an evil twin somewhere in the world.

    And that they’re destine one day to meet and ultimately engage in mortal combat.

    If that were true wouldn’t at least half the causes of death on record be listed as death by doppelganger?

    You’re right. That means my theory can’t be correct.

    I’m really running out of things to believe in.

    There, There

    nothing of importance
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  • richard_burkhart 16.7.2019
    I was lucky. My evil twin was my actual twin. I've been keeping tabs on him my whole life. =)
  • NeoChomik 15.7.2019
    maybe that's your evil twin in disguise, trying to undermine everything you believe in
  • stihl 15.7.2019
    Now hes never gona find hes good dopelganger
  • MadameCercle 15.7.2019
    Ceci dit, toute théorie a en face d'elle une théorie maléfique contraire et elles n'en ont pas fini de s'embrouiller les pédales dans un ennui aussi implacable qu'assez mortel.
    (mais ce n'est là qu'une théorie)
  • richard_burkhart 15.7.2019
    Poor fella.

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