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A very far away mission.

richard_burkhart on 28. Jun, 2019 — Lang: English

A very far away mission.
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    Had a little time to kill.

    This strip is a reply to Eguzkia



    The Enterprise enters the Gort system.

    Her elite crew is prepared and ready for anything.

    Her mission is simple. rescue the population of Gort 3 before their sun goes nova.

    This seems to be a textbook mission

    And, with our heroes on the bridge, what could possibly go wrong?

    But, as Enterprise enters orbit, she recieves a distress call from...

    Hold on here!

    Where's Zeek?

    Zeek's on vactation. He told you he wouldn't be back til August.

    We did the best we could. Everyone likes llamas. right?

    Stardate 2019 point 0628

    Star Trek, Zeek
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