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Game Over Deer!

Pen_alias on 7. Jun, 2019 — Lang: English

Game Over Deer!
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    There are those who doubt the validity of my volumes of knowledge on ornithology. Jealously is the green eyed monster.



    I don’t feel so good man. I think there’s something inside me.

    Don’t be ridiculous; you’ve been watching too many Ridley Scott films.



    And that, students, completes this presentation on the reproductive cycle of the Charadrius vociferus, or killdeer. To recap: the facehugger bursts out of the egg, attaching itself to the host organism and then implanting the embryo within the host where it can develop into the chestburster, or killdeer as it is commonly known. Are there any questions?

    deer, killdeer, nothing of importance
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