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Soar Your Edification

Pen_alias on 6. Jun, 2019 — Lang: English

Soar Your Edification
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    No chicks were harmed in the making of this comic…that is, no harm that they couldn’t tough out. Kids are resilient.



    This is it son: it’s time for you to learn how to fly.

    But chickens can’t fly!

    No they can’t, and do you know why? Because their parents were too lazy to teach them how. Well not me! I’m going to make sure you get every advantage life has to offer a young chick.

    Flying isn’t one of them?

    Nonsense my boy; spread out those wings and get ready to soar!

    My wings are an inch long!

    That’s close enough; off you go…




    That was good son; you really got some air there.

    But next time go that way.

    nothing of importance, chicken
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