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Who's Your Palindrome?

Pen_alias on 30. May, 2019 — Lang: English

Who's Your Palindrome?
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    I generally avoid issues involving the P word (and I don’t mean palindrome) but I figure this is stale enough not to stir up too much animosity. I’ve no great personal feelings about Watergate myself; I’m a card carrying member of the Pedestrian Party, founded by the late, great Jerome “Curly” Howard.

    Anyway, that whole nonsense about words and phrases is just silly; everyone knows that a palindrome is a camel ridden by a crusader.



    I saw a mouse the other day that looked way too big to be a mouse. Was it a rat I saw?

    Hey, that’s a palindrome!

    Ew! That’s worse than a rat! How can I kill it?

    No, no, a palindrome is a word or phrase that’s the same backwards as forward. You know, like “no X in Nixon”.

    But there is an X in Nixon… oh, now I get it! A palindrome is an obvious, bold-faced lie.

    Just like Watergate!

    Had to bring up the N word.

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