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SG Game Unlimited: To do whatever it takes...

NeoChomik on 27. May, 2019 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: To do whatever it takes...
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    I didn't want to use Julian's character without his agreement, but i didn't want to leave him out either. So i thought it's better to ask for forgivness than permission and hope for the best.

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: Element of Surprise



    While some were stuck in old grudges...

    ... and others tried to take down the biggest threat...

    The Void Emperor proceeds with his agenda

    Letting Jake take the Amulet was a risk that paid off. he took care of that flying mutt for me and drew the attention of almost everyone onto himself...

    No one pays attention to me, now that i'm powerless and weak.

    I am this close... I can feel the Core's energy. like a heartbeat of everything that lives.

    A heartbeat I'm going to stop for good!

    All i need is one strike!


    No one listenes to me

    They keep fighting Jake and I don't know if I can reach him in time!

    No... I must try! I can't let fear and doubt stop me!

    as those words echoed in the mind of the young hero...

    His heart started blazing with flames of Determination...

    The hero soared towards the Core with his new found power

    I Won't let either of you destroy the Existance! I will stop you even if it kills me!

    I Won't let either of you destroy the Existance! I will stop you even if it kills me!

    NeoChomik, X, SG Game, SGG, SG Game Unlimited, SGGU
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  • MrTerrorKiller 15.6.2019
    Oh him? Thats Eugene!
  • Quag54 29.5.2019
    cool, capn America
  • richard_burkhart 29.5.2019
    Ps dont forget Bulk is really mad at some one right now and is back in the battle brother team.
  • richard_burkhart 28.5.2019
    This is good. I knew we were leaving VE out of the fight and it bothered me. I just ran out of time to do much.
  • julian724 28.5.2019
    That's fine. now school is over I can make stuff again and I'll make use of this idea to make a cool fight.
  • MrTerrorKiller 28.5.2019
    This guy just keeps changing form! Now he truly is Fire Boy!
  • Pen_alias 28.5.2019
    Yay good guys!

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