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Wholeheartedly Halfhearted

Pen_alias on 22. May, 2019 — Lang: English

Wholeheartedly Halfhearted
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    Some jokes are just too horrible to keep to yourself.



    I once went on a backpacking tour of Europe to find myself.

    Did it work? Did you find yourself?

    Well, most of me: I left my heart in San Francisco.

    nothing of importance, bad jokes
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  • Quag54 25.5.2019
    Showed your age on this one, aye ?
  • NeoChomik 23.5.2019
    you know what they say, Home home is where the heart is.

    I hope the housing prices aren't too severe in San Francisco
  • MadameCercle 23.5.2019
    Question de se partager.
  • richard_burkhart 22.5.2019
    Turns out you don't need one.

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