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Late Night with Abba and Farri

richard_burkhart on 21. May, 2019 — Lang: English

Late Night with Abba and Farri
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    Having fun with the window again, bro.

    This strip is a reply to Late Night with Abba and Farri!



    Welcome back to late night in our new studio. As you can see, our picture window is fixed

    Yes, and for the first time ever we have Zeek as our guest!,

    Hi, Its great to be here.

    Now we have several...Wait...It's doing it again isn't it Farri?

    Indeed, my friend. There is a dinosaur outside our window this time.

    And now the planet destroyer from the Zeek strip, Marvelous!

    Yes Abba, but it is amazingly distracting also.

    And now a giant spider...Is there nothing that can be done about this, Paul?

    Hang on guys, we're working on it.

    And now a stormtrooper chicken...


    Okay, we have an idea guys!

    Curtains! What an old school solution!

    Indeed. Tell me again, why do we even HAVE a window?

    Um, Hello?

    mark_burkhart, Late Night, Zeek
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