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Hard To Swallow

Pen_alias on 21. May, 2019 — Lang: English

Hard To Swallow
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    Here is the story of the chicken and the swallow:

    One day a kindly chicken found a nest of viper eggs and being kindly decided to keep them warm.

    A fat-mouthed swallow saw the chicken sitting on the eggs and said to the kindly chicken: “You fool! When those vipers hatch, they will kill us all and you will be the first to die!”

    To which the kindly chicken replied: “Watch your fat mouth, you fat-mouthed swallow! I’m gonna whoop up on you so bad, you won’t NEVER grow back!”

    The kindly chicken then proceeded to rip off the fat-mouthed swallow’s wings and stuff them down its fat throat. She then turned the swallow around, kicked it in the tail and said “start walkin’ and never look back!”

    Later the vipers hatched and became fast friends with the kindly chicken.

    The moral of the story is DON’T MOUTH OFF TO ME! You got that?




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