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SG Games Unlimited - A Heresy Undone

richard_burkhart on 20. May, 2019 — Lang: English

SG Games Unlimited - A Heresy Undone
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    This will be my last strip in this SG Game. I am out of time. It has been an honor and a BLAST!

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: Selfish request



    Jackson? I so did NOT expect you to be here you traitor. It's not to late to rejoin the winning team.

    You call destroying EVERYTHING winning? Forget it! And the name isn't Jackson; it's Eugene!


    Bulk SMASH puny Randal!

    Bulk protect the Emperor!

    Blam, blam, blam BLAM!

    Huh? Who shoot Bulk with puny gun?

    That would be me, battle brother. Just wanted your attention.

    You need to check yourself! The Void Emperor is NOT the emperor we serve! That is Heresy!

    You mean Puny Jake trick Bulk?

    That's the ticket, brotha.

    Now Bulk REALLY Mad!

    The fierce battle for the survival of all continues...

    SG Games, NeoChomik, Zeek
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