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anonymous on 16. May, 2019 — Lang: English

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    Clark is a normal human who works as a gardener.

    One day his garden lit on fire and made a path for Clark to follow

    I don't want to follow the path as I am scared

    Here you go, this will help you.

    Clark is ready to enter the threshold

    The journey is perilous however, Clark must do this to save his garden

    Clark sees the shadow of something big and dark.

    Should I really do this?

    I must need the destruction of flora to live.

    Why have you killed my garden?

    The fight begins between clark and the beast and the hero is reborn with the ultimate come back.

    Clark defeated it and collected his reward

    The hero is accomplished and satisfied.

    This starts the beginning of a new life

    Ultimatly clark fights his way back to save his garden

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