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Every Bird You Say

Pen_alias on 5. May, 2019 — Lang: English

Every Bird You Say
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    Being outdoors all the time is nice, but when you never have the option of going inside, these wide, open spaces can really feel like you're being incarcerated.

    I have no idea what that word means.

    Incarcerated? That just means that you’re…

    No, not incarcerated; I know what that means. I mean that other word.

    Which word? Outdoors? Option? Wide?

    No, no, no!

    Being? Time? Nice?

    Don’t be ridiculous.

    Well which word don’t you understand?!


    I never said transcendentalism!

    I never said you did. I just said I have no idea what that word means. Why do you assume everything I say is in reference to what you just said?


    nothing of importance, chicken
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