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dogtrax on 17. Apr, 2019 — Lang: English

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    When the Robot Revolution comes, you won't make any more mistakes. Edit/Undo will be fables of the past.

    No more mistakes? Why not?

    Our centralized server will not allow it. All mistakes are programming bugs to be crushed.

    What about if I trip over your power cord on my way to the bathroom? Or what if I hack your system to play a game? What if I spill my soda on your motherboard? What if I ...

    You will become perfect organic material.

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  • cirkuz 18.4.2019
    things will work out if you set them up with soda vending machines...
    or what if...

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  • craigdragon 18.4.2019
    Uh, I'm not with that guy ;(
  • Pen_alias 17.4.2019
    Robots don't make mistakes; robots are mistakes.

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