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Fall of France

anonymous on 16. Apr, 2019 — Lang: English

Fall of France
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    May 10th, 1940

    double click to write...

    nine days after the French capitol fell:

    (The French government)

    June 25th, 1940

    double click to write...

    Fine, France surrenders. Are you happy now?

    I'm absolutely ecstatic


    okay everyone, lets pass through the unprotected Ardennes and through Belgium and the Netherlands

    that same day:

    this is pretty great, there's barely anything to fight


    May 20th, 1940

    (German troops)

    at Amiens:

    quick! move to Dunkirk and pray we'll be saved

    you're surrounded

    (British forces)

    June 5th, 1940

    The French resistance has collapsed!

    That was a lot of fighting though

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