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dibunt on 10. Apr, 2019 — Lang: English

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    Random strip when least expected, that's what dibunt's all about





    This test is worth 80% of the grade, thank god I studied this time

    Gotta say, I nailed it

    Alright, last question.


    I haven't studied this part


    Do you want salad with your taco?


    Bright future here i go

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  • dibunt 11.10.2020
    Also thank you all! You guys rock!
  • dibunt 11.10.2020
    I can't believe this is and always will be my last SG strip.

    Funnily enough, few months ago I started using the dibunt character outside of SG ( this is a strip for a town magazine)
    But still, I will never forget he was born here. This was not only his home, but my home too. And in a way, always will be.
  • Azzie13 12.9.2019
    Should I be offended as an employee of the evil clown inc.?

    Meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Fabiolars 3.9.2019
    :P funny strip
  • stihl 28.8.2019
    Yes salad
  • craigdragon 12.4.2019
    Now he works at McDibunt
  • NeoChomik 11.4.2019
    Finding your strip in newest strips is like finding a buck in your wallet.
  • Elgar 11.4.2019
    The "Date" question is also the tough one!
  • abrotons 11.4.2019
    I molt picant.
  • MadameCercle 10.4.2019
    — Si je veux de la salade ? heu - - - heu, hum ... jamais je n'aurais prévu qu'on me demanderait ça ici !

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  • Brezhoneg 10.4.2019
  • BaalMoloch 10.4.2019
  • richard_burkhart 10.4.2019
    Another gem. =)

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  • Pen_alias 10.4.2019
    Should have just copied off the student in front of you.

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