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Zeek 160

richard_burkhart on 9. Apr, 2019 — Lang: English

Zeek 160
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    Thank you MadameCercle, for the use of your bird art, and NeoChomik for your corrupted characters.

    This strip is a reply to Zeek 159



    I have forced myself into the ring and have Zeek's power added to my own, yet still he resists!

    He must be getting support from his "friends!"

    Come here! I have a use for the currupted!

    You will be my Nazgul!

    Find Zeek's friends and bring them to me!

    Two can play your story game Zeek...

    Hello, Brad. We need to talk.

    Eugene! You followed me? You came after the ring!

    Okay, here you go.

    What? Just like that?

    Zeek told me I would know what to do with this power. If giving it to you will keep you alive, that's what I'll do. Just be carefull!


    Ya know, I told myself I was just going to talk to you, but you're right. I want to live. Give me the ring!

    MadameCercle, LOTR, Zeek, NeoChomik
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