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Crass Is In Session

Pen_alias on 23. Mar, 2019 — Lang: English

Crass Is In Session
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    It’s important for understanding the general motivation of the killdeer to know that the killdeer hates deer. If I have, in the past, failed to make this abundantly clear, I apologize for any confusion that may have ensued.



    Now class, we will review the proper procedure for what to do when you come across a deer: a deer approaches in a threatening manner…

    Kill the deer.


    A deer approaches in a non-threatening manner…

    Kill the deer.

    Very good

    A deer is off in the distance minding its own business…

    Kill the deer.

    You’re all very well studied.

    I actually knew all this stuff before I took the course, but it’s a prerequisite to General Physics, so I had to sign up.

    killdeer, nothing of importance
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  • NeoChomik 1.4.2019
    I should get in on that course
  • cirkuz 26.3.2019
    they seldom answer the trick question...
    "how many deer does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
  • abrotons 24.3.2019
    great one
  • MJardin 24.3.2019
    You forgot to cover what they should do if they are in an area with no deer at all...
    (go find a deer--> kill the deer)
  • craigdragon 23.3.2019
    That killdeer is too cool for school
  • MadameCercle 23.3.2019
    C'est beau de savoir !
  • richard_burkhart 23.3.2019
    I tested out of that class
  • EdWilder 23.3.2019
    That class was a real gut!
    That's why I got into metaphysics...

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