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SG Game Unlimited: Void Emperor gives up?!

NeoChomik on 7. Mar, 2019 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: Void Emperor gives up?!
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    What will Jake do? will he destroy Void Emperor? or will he give in to the power of amulet and turns on his comrades?!

    This strip is a reply to SG Games Unlimited -Ultimate power



    This is turning Sour really fast! first this cat summons tentacles out of her ass, and now that stupid Loki wannabe gets mad with power

    They are on our side, so why you worry so much?

    I believe that car girl thing is here for shits and giggles, and so far that What's his face guy did nothing to help us, only to get what he wanted.

    Is that whom we should entrust our survival?!

    I posses the ultimate power now! I will rule all!

    What happened to Jake?! he looks like that Corrupted guy

    That's because he became Corrupted.


    Ultimate power corrupts ultimately. No one can resist it's temptations. It was only a matter of time.

    I saw that happen to Neo, back when he has risen to power

    Go ahead and escape your bonds

    We'll see who is all powerful.

    As you wish

    I see now that you were a real threat all along.

    Not only did you stripped me of my source of power.

    You learned to control it flawlessly.

    I am at your mercy now, Jake...

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