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SG Game Unlimited: Enforcing 101

NeoChomik on 6. Mar, 2019 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: Enforcing 101
  • Description

    We are slowly reaching the end.

    This strip is a reply to SG Games Unlimited -Ultimate power



    Meanwhile during all the mayhem at the end of times.

    A lone Enforcer struggles with his new gift

    All those visions! there's too much! I can barely hear my own thoughts... I can't take it anymore.

    Who said you have to?

    You don't need to take all of that in at once. Divide and conquer. Here, let me show you the ropes

    What happened? Whose voice is this?

    I suppressed your eye of the Enforcer for you. You don't need it now. I am what's left of the guy, whose job you were given. Call me Jesto. Congratulations on getting the most thankless job in existance, literally.

    Look. I really hate to be the serious guy here, but shit's fucked up and you need to fix it.
    Void Emperor is winning hard, because Mortals are fucking retarded up the ass. Especially this kiddo called Jake. I mean really, how braindead you have to be to try gain unlimited power when Everything is about to be destroyed INCLUDING YOUR OWN STUPID SELF!!

    Why can't you fix it?

    Because I am of dead, what you see here is a little bit of the old me left in you

    And how do I fix it?

    With this little fella here.

    This gun allows Enforcers to erase whatever it hits from the multiverse. you shoot something, BAM. it never existed and the whole multiverse is rewritten to adjust the lack of that thing. And the multiverse needs rewritting hard.

    This weapon will only work as long as you wield it. It didn't work for me, because Void Emperor nullified my powers, but back then the Existance wasn't threatened by his actions

    This time no one can stop this baby from firing. all you have to do is to figure out whom or what to erase to reach the best results. Once you get that done, go back to the last place you remember and HIT IT!

    NeoChomik, Jesto, C.Zero, SGG, SG Game, SGGU, SG Game Unlimited
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