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Zeek 154

richard_burkhart on 6. Feb, 2019 — Lang: English

Zeek 154
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    I will try to help finish the SG Games story line now.

    This strip is a reply to Zeek 153



    If he wants to fight, why not let me destroy him Master?

    You picked this battle ground, and that form. If you know what I know, then you are aware how that particular story ends.

    No Firelord. I will fight him, if it comes to that.

    I would much rather he join me of his own free will, but either way my goals will be accomplished.

    Ah yes, your precious "story". An interesting thought, but you should see it can't work, Zeek.

    Was this confrontation in your story?

    No. This one is for my friends.

    Speaking of Zeek's friends, they are even now in conferance with Lady Calm and her council in Lothlorien.

    Since Zeek has fallen in the Mines, I have conviened the council to decide what to do next.

    Leathros speaks for the elves.

    Angus for the Oracle

    and Trang represents the Klingons.

    There is much to tell, but first you must speak of the ring, Bradley. It may be our only hope of victory.

    You know about the ring?

    Wait! There's a ring? WHAT THE HELL?!!

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