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SG Game Unlimited: Break-in!

NeoChomik on 4. Feb, 2019 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: Break-in!
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    I'm back from my hiatus and I am ready to push SG Game to the finish.



    Looks like going after me alone wasn't the greatest of your ideas.

    You are in over your head, mutt


    Stronger than you couldn't keep up with me and you hoped to defeat me?

    I thought natural selection made sure such stupidity would not persevere.

    What's this?

    It appears, that the new Enforcer has been already chosen to take care of me...

    But it appears he is still lost across Infinity. Like a spec on a pebble washed away by the mighty river of time.

    Don't worry, once I'm done with the Core, your services won't be needed and that weight will be taken off your shoulders...

    I was afraid, that i would have to take care of him, like i did with Jesto... but I don't think we will hear much from him at this point.

    Oh? you are up already?

    I know the Core is in here somewhere.

    I am too close to my goal to let a stupid mortal get in my way.

    I will make sure you won't get up next time.

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