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Zeek 153

richard_burkhart on 29. Jan, 2019 — Lang: English

Zeek 153
  • Description

    I finally get to do another Zeek strip. It's been bugging me that my storyline is still unfinished.

    This strip is a reply to Zeek 152



    I remember you as almost a brainless terror. You have changed.

    After the defeat of the Zolrog, Zeek Has been sent back to the world to finish his task.

    He wanders the subteranian world he finds himself in.

    Always with the feeling of being drawn towards a goal.


    At long last we meet face to face again, Zeek.

    I have grown much since that first meeting on Ant Hill.

    As have you, Zeek. You have grown much in power.

    Thak mindless terror you once knew me as no longer exists.

    I have draw much from you. First I drew on your dispair, now I have drawn on your intellect. What you know, I also know.

    We are the same, Zeek. You must join with me.

    Yeah, about that...I think this is the part where we fight.

    You aren't me and I won't be you.

    LOTR, Zeek
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