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SSGU - Neko means Cat

DepresiveNeko on 20. Jan, 2019 — Lang: Slovenčina

SSGU - Neko means Cat
  • This strip is a reply to SG Games Unlimited - Plan B



    Want to hear my plan B?

    Lets take it straight.. you are not more possesed by Observer..


    You are not a magic user...


    You are a Warrior, non-magic job.



    Without magic is imposible to re-open Emperor portal, be a good kitty and when all end, we found a way to send you home.


    ...i make a park lot in exact place, where Emperor portal was beffore...

    ... i found that spot with one of Mole Sci-fi Thingie...

    ...and even without magic, still fighter with so-so windows knows, how to use Hig-Tech or Magic Artefact..

    ...and with this scroll, I confiscated from Birdie...

    But No! So why not to broke this magic to open a portal to hell? MuhahaHAHhahaHAHAHAH!!!§

    Oh, im sorry.. i will.. slow... counting... to... ten...

    Calm down, Cat Lady, you laughing is realy frightening, we dont want another mind-break right now.

    Neko? For a moment, i feel from you realy dark magic, slick, sick, disgusting and realy hungry, it was a terible.

    Thats a exact definition of Tentaclian magic, i have here one scroll with it.

    Why you carry it? That magic alone make people crazy.

    I raise two tentaclian girl, so im experience with this sort of insanity and have a build a realy high resistance.

    And i take only one with me with realy strong seal.

    YAY! Gift for ME!!!


    Hulk bring tele-thingie.

    Im afraid, that resistance is not high enough.

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